About the artist

Tanja Rausch is a passionate still life artist focusing on unique artifacts harmonically playing together in a melancholic unity.  Things that are old, ugly, flawed or broken she sees as beautiful and skillfully brings out their beauty on the canvas for all to see. Being a conservationist in all aspects of life, Tanja strives to uphold a standard of esthetics, morals and an appreciation even of the trivial-  Her paintings are no less than a visual manifestation of her innermost feelings and reflections on a world that increasingly seems to be devoid of meaning. 

Born in Denmark and raised in Germany Tanja has had a passion for drawing and painting since early childhood. After graduating from high school, she studied classical animation at the Animation Workshop in Denmark and earned her bachelor's degree. Since, she has been working as a freelance illustrator for almost 20 years, living in Europe, North- and South America. Furthermore she has taught drawing classes and has been employed as an art director and in-house illustrator at LEGO for a couple of years before deciding to focus on her own work again. 

In 2014 she moved to Chile and began learning atelier style painting from a former student of the Grand Central Atelier, NY and former owner of the London Academy of Art, UK. 

Tanja Is currently working with and learning from her life partner, the accomplished Peruvian Painter Miguel Arcángel Contreras. 

Work and education

Fine artist and illustrator

Altagracia Art

2001– today, USA, South America and Europe


Learning from and working with

Miguel Arcángel Contreras

2017- today, Germany/ Peru

Atelier Style Painting

taught by former owner of the London Academy of Art and student of the Grand Central Ateliér, NY

2014– 2016, Chile

Illustrator/Art Director


2010– 2013, Denmark 


Studio EIKEN

2002– 2002, Japan


Drawing and Animation

2002– 2004, Denmark

Richard Williams Masterclass

Animation Masterclass (Seminar)

2002– 2002, Denmark

The Animation Workshop

Bachelor‘s degree in classical animation

2001– 2004, Denmark

Studenterkurset i Sønderjylland STUK


1998- 2000, Denmark


CLC Advertising

1996– 1996, Germany